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In June 2017, Chinese Art Atelier Wu Park moved to the Southern District of The Hague. The original site was a vacant primary school. It is a separate building with 8 large and small classrooms and office. The rooms are connected and there are more than 40 portals. The rooms are allocated for the following purposes: the first hall is the teaching and reception room, the second and fourth halls are the exhibition rooms, the third hall is the European ancient clock and oil painting, sculpture collection room. The remaining four rooms are decoration, machinery, work and warehouse. Surrounded by private parking spaces, leisure areas, flower beds and trees, the total area is about 1,500 square meters, which is the first choice building for my workshop. With convenient transportation, the two-minute walk is a famous city district Minaret Municipal Government, a tram stop and a large shopping mall. It can be said that it is a best location and classic place for art creative basic center. The main activities held by the 

Atelier WuPark are as follows: 2017-8-22 The opening of Atelier Wu Park. Exposition of Wu Park’s art works, thousand European ancient clocks, oil paintings and sculptures. 2017-11-27 Entertained 6 artists who held "Lingnan Freehand Paintings Exhibition" at Den Haag City Hall. 2018-4-17 "Tulip Night Celebration Party” was held. The 22 artists who held exhibition in the center of The Hague was successfully concluded. 2018-8-18 Held the "One Belt and One Road Ned-China Cultural Exchange " party, led by Mr. Zhang, a group of 4 persons driving from China. 2018-11-20 Held and organize 22 artists to join a "Nederland Chinese Artists Works Exhibition".

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