Wu Park



Wu Park, formerly known as Tung Choi, took "Park”as his stage name after coming to the Netherlands. 

1955 Born in Pak Sha Village, Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong. 

1971, Began to learn meticulous flower and bird and landscape techniques from Mr. Hor Man Leuk, a famous flower and bird master of the Song Dysnasty. 

1973 Learned seal cutting under the master of Mr. Chen Bing Chang, a famous seal cutting master.  

1974, Studied calligraphy with Mr. Chen Wei Kong, a famous Hong Kong calligrapher. 

1975-4 Left Hong Kong to live in the Netherlands.

1984 to 1996, Opened Chinese galleries in Borrselstraat 12b south of Rotterdam and Rijswijkwijk 311 in The Hague. 

1978 to 1996, Held several solo exhibitions in Rotterdam, The Hague, Amsterdam and Antwerp Belgium. 

1990-8 Went to Mito City of Japan and held a joint exhibition of art works with Mr. Wang Nong. 

1991-8, Took 10 Dutch artists to China, and held art works exchange exhibitions in Beijing Central Library, Xi'an Art Academy, Kunming Art Academy, Guilin Art Academy and Guangzhou Art Academy. 

1996 to 1998, Went to Vietnam many times to study life, and stayed for more than one year in the Wu Chi Ming city, creating many works of "tropical style". 

1998 to 2002, Returned to live in Hong Kong. During this period,  held several joint exhibitions in Hong Kong City Hall, Shatin City Hall, and Zhangmutou Town Exhibition Hall in Dongguan, China, and opened a gallery in the town untill 2002 back to Holland.. 

2002-5, Left Hong Kong and returned to the Netherlands, and opened an art academy in Monster Town. 

2003-4 Began to write a Chinese painting column for the famous Dutch art magazine "Planet", four Chinese art lessons in a row. 

2002 to 2004, Exhibited personal works and held Chinese art promotion activities in many cities in the Netherlands. 

2005-2, Together with Lai Ming Fung, Zhou Lesheng three people to held a joint exhibition and Jingdezhen Ceramic Art Exhibition at Gedempte Burgwal 43 in the center of The Hague. 

2005-5 Held a personal exhibition of Chinese painting and calligraphy and a joint exhibition of Jingdezhen ceramic art in the center of Andufen-Vrijstraat 1. 

2005-9 Opened Chinese painting course at Eindhoven City Art Center "Aquamarijn" Eindhoven-Stratumsedijk. 

2005-10, With 24 Dutch artists established the "S4 Free Art Association" in Eindhoven City in the Philips Center, and at the same time, the "Songbaixuan Art Institute" was established there. 

2005-11 Successfully sold five personal works at the “Eindhoven Artists Works Auction”. 

2006-3 Brought Mr.Chris, Wen Long and other 2 persons went to the United States to hold a personal painting and calligraphy exhibition at the Meng Quansheng Sports Art Center in San Jose. 

2006-4 Opened "Songbaixuan Painting and Calligraphy Academy" at Stille Veerkade 22 in the center of The Hague. 

2006-6 Participated in a group exhibition of works by 24 artists in Eindhoven.

2008-7 Exhibition at Gedempte Burgwal in the center of The Hague. 

2008-10 Exhibition in the center of The Hague, Free Art Association De Spanjaardshof-Westeinde 58. 

2009-11-8 - 2010-1-16 Held an exhibition and established a studio for a large-scale Chinese lantern festival in Dierenpark-Emmen Aiwen Town Animal Park at Emma town.

2010-9-18 Held a two-persons exhibition with Mr. Zhou Lesheng at Christoffel plantijnstr.245 in The Hague. 

2010-9-26 - 10-24 Held a personal exhibition of painting and calligraphy works in Eindhoven, with area 750m2 at Gestelsestraat 102. 

2010-12-28- 2011-1-5 Organizing the works of 10 people from "Famous Modern Chinese Calligraphy and Painting" to be exhibited in the Netherlands. Venue at China Hotel-Delft. 

2011-6-25 - 7-3 Organizing "Modern Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Art Exhibition", 22 people from China. Venue at the church  Lourdes Seaside Cathedral, The Hague. 

2010-7-3-7-12 Organize "Modern Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Art Exhibition", 22 people from China. Exhibition location at Zotermeer-Terra hall. 

2012-5 Studying oil painting with the Dutch oil master Le Mair. 

2012-2-16 Closed stille veerkade 22, den haag painting academy, moved to Zuidwal, 68e. Launched Chinese culture studio and recruited students through the website. In a very short period of time, nearly 1,600 students were recruited. Teaching Chinese traditional culture. 2012-5-14 Expansion of Songbaixuan, moved to the new site Genemuidenstraat 208, Den Haag area of 250 square meters. In addition to the development of studio courses, it can be used as an exhibition room. 

2013-11-15 Studio moved to Ridder-Snouckaertlaan 7, Voorburg. Area 400m2. 

From February to March 2014, a solo exhibition was held at Genemuidenstraat 208, the basement of the Den Haag government building, with an area of 350m2. 

2014-8-1 The studio moved to Volmerlaan 7, 2288GC Rijswijk. The area is about 650m2. 

2014-8 Exhibited Chinese painting and calligraphy and held a short course at the Leiden Volk Museum. 

2014-10, Together with Lai Ming Fung and Zhou Lesheng, held a three-person joint exhibition at Genemuidenstraat 208, 450m2 in the basement of Den Haag Government Building. 

2016-10, Co-organized 12 Dutch and Chinese artists' works exhibition in Utrecht at Zhou's Kunst Atelier. 

2017-5 Works were exhibited in Ziets "Artists Association Member Exhibition". 

2017-6 Studio moved to Steenwijklaan 40, Den Haag, with an area of 800 m2. 

2017-8-22 Held the opening ceremony of the studio Songbaixuan  Art  Academy The Hague, and exhibited personal art works and hundreds of European ancient clocks. 

2017-11-17 Assisted Mr. Li Ranfan in planning the "Six Lingnan Freehand Painting Exhibition" held in The Hague Municipal Building. 2018-3-4 Planned and co-organized the "14 Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Works" exhibition at the Chinese Cultural Center in The Hague. 

2018-4-17 Hosted a personal art exhibition at the Songbaixuan  Art  Academy in The Hague, and compiled and printed "Wu Park's  Art Collection 10th Volume". 

2018-8-18 Hosted the reception party of "One Belt, One Road Cultural Exchange Group" from China at Songbaixuan  Art  Academy The Hague . 

2018-9-18 Co-organized with the Dutch Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Association "12 Chinese Joint Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition" in Yidetang, Utrecht. 

2018-10-6 Participated Exhibition  in “Christiaan Art Workshop Eindhoven”  

2018-11 Focus on compiling and printing the eleventh and twelfth volumes of "The Selected Works of Hu Bo's Calligraphy and Painting". 2018-11-20 Co-organized with the Dutch Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Association "18 Chinese Joint Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition" at Songbaixuan  Art  Academy The Hague. 

2019-4-11 Host a solo exhibition at the Chinese Cultural Center in Sydney, Australia. 

2019-11-2 Participated in the "2019 Joint Exhibition of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Masters" held in Shenzhen, China. 

2019-12 / 2022-4 During the Coronavirus disease for 2 years, all gatherings and activities have been suspended. In this years, most of the time, I lived alone in my gallery and created more than 200 works, Most of them are the oil paintings .

2020-3  compiling the thirteenth and fourteenth volumes of "Wu Park's Collection of Calligraphy  and Painting ".

2022-4 Begin to compile the fifteenth episode of "Wu Parks Calligraphy and Painting Works Collection".

2022-4-19 With Mr. Lin Jun and Miss. Liang Hong to open "Dutch Zhigong Painting Academy" in Chinatown, The Hague, Stille Veerkade 41.

2022-4 Start to compile the fifteenth volume of " Artworks Album Wu Park's 2022", which mainly includes works from the past two years.




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